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Are theme parks worth the cost?

Between the chaos of work, school and all the other responsibilities that the world demands, it can be hard to find the time to relax and rejuvenate.

When one is able to find that time for themselves though, they have the option to run over to one of the several theme parks in and around LA County.

At times, the cost of such an experience can really undermine and put down any joy that the trip was supposed to originally provide. So the real question is, are theme parks worth the cost?

Factors like the amount of money spent on gas, food and drink, and souvenirs vary by place and are dependent on the individual.

The ticket prices for parks throughout the county vary. Knott’s Berry Farm tickets start at $69, and Six Flags Magic Mountain day passes start at $60. A one day ticket to Universal Studios is $105, and Disneyland/ Disney California Adventure tickets for a one day and one park visit are as low as $104.

All of these places are affected by several other factors as well. The day of the week, seasonal passes, and special events could all affect the speed and number of attractions one could visit.

There are also different types of special tickets that may be sold. These tickets can be related to holidays or special events. An example of this would be the different prices and access levels between tickets for Knott’s Berry Farm and their October event, Knott’s Scary Farm.

Most theme parks also have their own add-on prices for passes that allow guests to cut the wait time for attractions, or allow them access to special events.

Tickets for these parks have gotten more expensive over the years. In an article published by the Wall Street Journal, it was reported how Disneyland’s profits have increased as the park began regulating the amount of guests they had visiting.

“The company is focused less on maximizing the quantity of visitors and more on increasing how much money each visitor spends,” said WSJ writers Robbie Whelan and Jacob Passy.

With the rise of ticket prices alongside the park commodities, it can be harder to justify the purchase when you’re on a budget. When you contemplate the purchase of a $5 water bottle, one begins to wonder, is the experience worth the cost?

We all place a different amount of value on our experiences. If walking down Disney’s Main Street while listening to music, taking in the sights of the park, and eating an $8 churro is worth the ticket price to you, then it’s worth it.

The moments that we make in the parks are memories that we’ll cherish forever. These memories and experiences can be even greater when we spend them with our friends, partners, or family members as well.

While the money spent may hurt your wallet, you have to figure out whether the memories made will overcome that loss. To me, as long as I have a couple good friends and a comfortable pair of shoes, it’ll be worth it getting to make those memories.

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