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Festival season is upon us so get ready to buy your tickets

The launch of this year’s festival season has officially begun as weekend one of Coachella comes to a close and weekend two begins this weekend.

Although I have never personally attended Coachella, I have attended some of the largest music festivals in the world such as Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The festival runs for three days from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. According to Las Vegas Weekly, each year, over 150,000 people attend per day, making it the largest music festival in North America.

Firework show at EDC 2019
Firework show at EDC 2019 Photo credit: Julia Simpson

“Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect” (P.L.U.R) is the motto for these types of music festivals, and it’s become the foundation for festival attendees.

Throughout the three days of this festival, I was surrounded by the most like-minded individuals, who shared the same respect and love for everyone around them. It was unlike anything I’d experienced before.

These types of festivals allow you to express yourself freely, dress however you want, do your makeup however you desire, and dance without judgment. I can’t explain how amazing it feels to be in such a judge-free zone, surrounded by people hyping you up, and being able to be 100% your authentic self.

My first EDC was in 2018, and let me tell you they did not overhype it. You really get the full carnival experience because there are eight stages, rollercoasters, a ferris wheel, and art structures for attendees to explore.

Julia Simpson at EDC; Example of Rave/Festival Fashion
Julia Simpson at EDC Photo credit: Julia Simpson

When I walked around EDC, it felt like there was magic in the air. With all the lasers, bass blaring through the air, flow artists, and entertainment. Every square inch of the motor speedway had something to offer.

At the eight stages spread throughout the festival, I found that there is a stage for everyone to enjoy because of the variety of music that is played.

For example, I love dubstep, and the stage “Basspod” is where most of the dubstep and heavy bass DJs play. However, if someone likes house or techno music, they can find their way to “Neon Garden” to dance the night away.

BassPod Stage at EDC 2019.
BassPod Stage at EDC 2019. Photo credit: Julia Simpson

There’s a stage to fulfill everyone’s desires, and that’s why it’s such a beautiful, inclusive festival.

I paid $350 for the 3-day festival and it was 100% worth it. So much so, that I went back in 2019.

I believe that everyone needs to attend EDC at least once in their life, so they can experience the magic that lurks around every corner.

Another example of a beautiful experience I shared was witnessing two strangers get married next to the “Cosmic Meadow” stage. You read that right, EDC holds weddings with a real minister for those who legally want to tie the knot or even two friends that want to non-legally pledge their love to one another.

Although there was no COVID-19 back when I attended EDC, there are still ways to enjoy festivals now even with the virus still prevalent. On top of getting tested and having my vaccine, I wear my mask to every festival and have yet to contract COVID-19 from any of the events I’ve attended within the last two years.

On EDC’s website, they posted a COVID-19 waiver for those attending to acknowledge that they are going into it with a risk, but the precautions you take are ultimately up to you.

According to the CDC, masks are not required for outdoor events, and people over the age of two should be vaccinated or have a negative COVID-19 test if they plan on attending outdoor events of 10,000 people or more.

EDC 2022 will be held from May 20 through the 22nd, so grab your tickets, and I hope to see you all under the electric sky. Remember to spread P.L.U.R. everywhere you go, even if it’s not at a festival.

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