Spill the Tea: How CSULB students feel about the first two weeks of the semester being online

Bianca Lopez

Third-year biology major

“Personally, I am not a huge fan of online classes. As a student who learns through hands-on activities and being in an environment that allows open discussion to communicate with peers and easier access to professors, the transition online isn’t the same. There are more distractions being at home and communication towards the students is not as promptly as if classes were in person.
I hope we return to campus, but if not I truly believe the campus and faculty should do better at listening to their students and be more understanding of current situations.”

Saul Viramontes

First-year criminal justice major

“I don’t mind that the first two weeks of classes are online. But I definitely do not want them to stay online for the whole spring semester. I am ready to go back in person and engage with my fellow classmates and hang around at campus.”

Yasneli Onofre

Third-year psychology major

“I personally have felt the effects of COVID and am a lot more comfortable having classes be online for the time being. Even though I feel like my experiences as a college student have been cut short, since I have not been on campus since my first year, I am glad to be part of a school that keeps the safety of their students as their top priority.”

Mariana Patino

First-year speech-language pathology major

“Well I commute, so it’s kind of beneficial that these two weeks are online for me, but at the same time I find it really hard to concentrate at home and really hard to find that area where I won’t be bothered throughout my classes. Other than that it’s a learning process in which we all have to accommodate our schedule and such.”

Ashley Ward

Third-year marketing major

“I signed up for all in-person classes for the spring semester and when I heard the first two weeks were going to be online I got really disappointed. I struggle with online classes and finally had a semester in over two years in person. I’m hoping after the two weeks COVID’s numbers calm down and we can go back to in-person classes. I guess we will see how it goes and what the university decides.
Personally, I feel like I’m not getting the same education in online classes as I would be in in-person classes. I would like to see us going back to in-person classes after these two weeks.”

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