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When am I?

Often, I am plagued by the memories of toxic people.

I find myself fighting my past, ruminating over what I should’ve said and done, feeling everything as severely as when I first experienced it.

When I finally brought it up to my therapist, she simply said to think about this: “When am I right now?”

People sometimes find themselves mourning the past or fearing the future. I knew the importance of staying in the present, but I had never heard it put in a way that I could actively practice.

When am I right now? What can I see in the space around me? How am I in this moment?

It is this act of mindfulness and checking in with myself that I have been able to find pockets of peace in moments of chaos.

Of course, physical health is important, but it is imperative to remember to take care of our mental health as well. And it is imperative to talk about it and break the stigma that it’s a taboo topic.

This priority I’ve placed on mental health has saved my life, and that’s why it was important for me to address health holistically in this issue on wellness.

You’ll find stories that cover topics in several areas regarding health, and hopefully, this issue acts as a reminder to truly take care of yourself.

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