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Greek has got to go

Fraternities and sororities function essentially as cults. They do not worship a god, but worship an ideal version of a person.


For fraternities in particular, they are a cult of men which breed dominance resulting in abuse of their members and all those they come in contact with. Sororities are also institutions that prey on freshmen who are eager to fit in, promising parties, popularity and lifelong friendships, leaving out the less appealing aspects of Greek life. 


Bullying, unethical initiations and sexual assaults are all characteristics known to Greek life, and abusive relationships too. 


In 2016, both the Long Beach State chapters of Kappa Sigma and Sigma Alpha Epsilon were under investigation for allegations of rape and sexual misconduct. Both chapters were suspended, however, SAE is now attempting to make a comeback since their suspension period of four years is coming to an end.


Issues surrounding race, racism and diversity in both frats and sororities is something that is often talked about. Almost everyone is pale, white or white passing, mostly blonde, repeating their chants. It’s something akin to a scene of Midsommar, and is honestly a little creepy. 


Racism and sexism alone should warrant abolishment, but our campus, both the institution and students, tolerate them. Not only because the freshmen they indoctrinate are fed myths about Greek life, but also from the institutions profiting from their existence.


In the 2018-19 school year alone, sororities bled a million dollars from sorority members, according to the CSULB Panhellenic Recruitment Guide. How could our campus not see the issue with capital being made from students?


The social costs of the charitable and social events are not only incredibly taxing, but socially isolate their members from the rest of campus life. Students oftentimes are not able to be a part of any clubs or take part in events, or find it difficult to make time to be part of anything else, other than Greek sponsored ones in order for them to not have any outside friends.  


I have had many good friends who wanted to be a part of Greek life, but too many times they have grown distant, not by any fault of our own, but simply because they did not have time for anything besides Greek life. It is almost as bad as losing a friend through a fight because you know they could just leave and it would be okay, but they don’t. A good portion of the student body has probably gone through this and it’s tragic.  


While  there are exceptions to the rule, such as minority led and co-ed fraternities, the majority of FSL institutions continue to do more damage to students than good. The issues pertaining to Greek life are inherent and are of a bygone age centuries ago and the only way to fix Greek life, is to abolish it.


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