Republican hypocrites remain mum when hurricane strikes

Hurricane Isaac disrupting the Republican National Convention is a sign from God that he supports the Democrats this election season.

God doesn’t think Mitt Romney would make a good president and he is punishing the GOP for their outdated and flawed views and policies.

God’s wrath on Republicans is clear proof that the Lord supports gay marriage, is pro-choice and thinks President Barack Obama is much more capable of solving America’s economic issues than Mitt Romney.

Through Isaac, God is saying he is angry with Romney for being filthy rich and shipping jobs overseas when millions of Americans are unemployed.

God is making a point that someone in Romney’s financial position couldn’t possibly understand jobless voter’s struggles when he’s contributed to the problem.

That was sarcasm.

To be realistic, maybe Isaac isn’t a sign from God proving he supports the Democrats, or even some type of message that Romney isn’t the correct choice for president.

In fact, to think Isaac, or any environmental event or national tragedy, is any sign from God takes you to a never before achieved level of idiocy.

Don’t you wonder, though, where the nut-job right wing Christian-fundamentalists are?

They blab on and on every time a natural disaster impacts people they do not identify themselves with.

Where are they now that their right wing extremist representatives are the victims?

With a vice presidential candidate who doesn’t believe abortions are acceptable in instances of rape, why is God punishing him?
Pat Robinson, you taking a nap?

Just to remind you, he said the Haitians were being punished by God for the magnitude 7.0 earthquake the island nation had back 2010. Why doesn’t he speak up now?

Pat, why is God punishing Romney?

Did a gay style his hair or something?

I guess the Pat Robinsons and Jerry Falwells of the world think when natural events like this affect people who support their right-wing views, it isn’t a sign from God, it’s just an unfortunate environmental event that’s taking place.

May their God forbid an earthquake shaking Vermont though, then it’s clearly because that’s a state where gays can get married.

Jack Chavdarian is a senior journalism major and the assistant social media editor for the Daily 49er.

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