Obama’s physical appearance not an advantage over Romney’s

President Barack Obama’s young energetic appeal helped him in the 2008 election when he was running against the not-so-pretty John McCain. But now that he’s against a good-looking GOP candidate, Mitt

Romney, a nice smile might not be such a big distraction from the actual issues.
You’re probably wondering why, out of all the things to be concerned, a candidate’s looks would be a factor to consider?

Looking back just four years, however, appearance played a huge role in the way candidates were perceived.

Although McCain is still alive and kicking in 2012, the senior citizen’s age and physique were a concern for several Americans in 2008, who didn’t know if he would be able to physically handle the issues that were confronting the country at the time. He was perceived as old, out of touch, dated and not in the best of health. In that aspect, this gave the much younger and healthier looking Obama the upper hand.

Obama’s appearance was often praised. Let’s not forget everyone from Obama Girl to Barbara Walters bringing attention to the president’s physical charms. His looks clearly got him attention that McCain’s couldn’t get. McCain’s looks took a lot of the attention off of what he was trying to talk about and placed it on his age.

A similar situation took place in the election of 1960 between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon.
While taking part in the first televised debate ever, both candidate’s appearances played a role with how they were perceived by the public.

Nixon was recovering from an illness, unshaven and sweating under the heat of studio lights – just to name a few things. Kennedy, on the other hand, was well rested and put together. To make things worse for Nixon, Kennedy was pretty darn foxy.

Although both men were well prepared for the debate, the majority of those who watched thought Kennedy had won. Polls revealed that the televised debate played a big role in getting Kennedy elected.

With this up and coming election, Obama is no longer standing next to someone who looks like he’s getting ready to go to God. He’s up against someone who knows how to strike a pose just as well as he does.

Romney is in shape, looks like he gets his hair and nails done by professionals, wears very expensive-looking clothes, and the man knows which one of his angles look best on camera.

Obama no longer has the young and healthy advantage he did in 2008 to distract the public from political matters. Because both candidates are good-looking and healthy, it’s no longer about the physique but instead the actual issues.

Jack Chavdarian is a senior journalism major and the assistant social media editor for the Daily 49er.

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