Our View: Grads can look forward to improved job market

This spring’s graduating seniors may have something extra to look forward to. In addition to the freedom that comes with finally finishing school, graduating seniors are heading into a workforce that is hiring more employees than in the past.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the job force is becoming more receptive to college graduates and has started recruiting more new employees at campus job fairs.

CSULB regularly hosts job fairs in the USU for students to come and promote themselves to potential employers and often sends mass emails informing students of on campus hiring opportunities.

But, students should actively seek out employers if they want to get a head start on the competition. The LA Times article cited the National Association of Colleges and Employers when it stated that businesses were looking to hire nearly ten percent more college graduates than last year.

Seeing college grad employment make such a huge gain in a limited amount of time is encouraging and bodes well for graduating students who have had to endure the turmoil going on within the CSU.

Students graduating as business, engineering or computer science majors have the best chance of getting hired, as those are the industries with the highest demand for new employees.

Of course, higher employment rates means graduates will have more money to pay off college loans, pay for rent and bills, and a chance to finally ditch a crappy part-time job to make strides in the industry they are passionate about.

The gains in employment should help give soon-to-be graduates a brighter outlook on their lives after graduation.

Even though the work force looks a bit more promising for graduates, getting a job will not be a walk in the park. Businesses are hiring, but there is still a ton of competition and more graduates than job opportunities.

Starting your job search now, as opposed to starting in June or July will give students a head start on their peers who put it off until midsummer or later.

Finding a job will always be difficult for graduates just out of college, but the increase in employment is a silver lining students should take advantage of, especially with the conflict going on within the CSU.

As rough as the landscape may be in the real world, it is probably a lot better than being stuck in the CSU system where students are continually paying more and receiving less.

When the CSU is facing a possible semester-unit cap and frozen enrollment, hustling for a job in the real world might be the better choice.

The increase in employment is helpful and encouraging for students who have managed to graduate without getting too beat up by the state of California.

Any increase in employment is a good thing and will benefit recent graduates trying to break into their chosen field.

Hopefully, the gains will continue to improve in the next few years, giving more students something positive to look forward to after graduation.


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