Obama’s bin Laden speech reassures those concerned of our security

The murder of Osama bin Laden is by far the most historic event for the United States since Sept. 11, and after all the celebration nationwide by Americans — especially those who lost loved ones on that tragic day — the question that seems to be in the air is: What comes next?  

Pres. Obama’s recent speech eloquently declared and made clear how this achievement has been the priority of his administration, and told CIA director Leon Panetta to make it so. Although, what was more important was the point he made about the fact that the war in Pakistan was never about Islam, but about terrorism, because along with the attacks of Sept. 11 came a stigma about being Muslim.

Safdar Khwaja — who is also a member of the Council on American-Islam Relations — joined KDKA Radio host Robert Mangino to say bin Laden’s death was “a huge moment of relief…. and a closure of sort, long of coming and very delayed.” He explained that many Muslims are also just as happy because Muslim civilians have died in Pakistan at the hands of al-Qaida, who has never given any sign of respect for innocent lives. For many Muslim-Americans, this event is pivotal in the transition to acceptance and the decrease in the prejudices that have come as a result of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida.  

 In terms of our international relations — and especially due to the exponentially increasing turmoil in the Middle Eastern regions, such as Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan among others — this point in Obama’s speech will hopefully reassure these nations and their leaders that this nation is set out to destroy the evil, which is terrorism and not any cultural or religion by any means.

It was noted in a New York Times article that these alliances have become more severe due to the recent misguided attacks of NATO on Pakistan and Libya, along with other recent events. Hopefully, Obama’s speech will provide hope for stronger international diplomacy.

This speech will also undoubtedly improve Obama’s reputation and increase — if not place him as — the sure favorite for the upcoming 2012 presidential election. He mentioned the efforts and the focal point of this mission for the last ten years and reiterated his compassion toward those who lost family members on Sept. 11. He made sure that this speech would not only served as a pep talk and an official declaration of the murder of the nation’s most wanted fugitive, but also as a way to bring a sense of unity in a time of turmoil in several aspects for Americans. It’s served to reinstate the confidence in him that has been decreasing over the partisanship in the federal government over the budget deficit.

Obama’s calling to former president George W. Bush was also an interesting action for him to carry out, but it does reflect his desire to create a sense of cohesiveness from this event. With the outburst of suspicion regarding possible retaliation and attacks on our nation as a result of this murder, Obama’s speech has almost served to ensure the nation’s safety and rid them of their fears. He explicitly addressed his compassion for those who have been part of the struggle to fight terrorism and reiterated that the U.S. is not going to tolerate any threat to our national security. It will help at this time of change that the President reaffirm that this nation will do what it takes to protect itself from any attacks and to protect the values we stand for.

Nayeli Carrillo is a sophomore journalism major and contributing writer for the Daily 49er.

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