Our View-Newspaper grabs pillow for winter break

Well, all you Cal State Long Beach folks, it’s time to put this 60-year-old newspaper down for its long winter’s nap.

The Daily 49er staff would like to thank our many readers for supporting us as we strive to meet the challenges of quality journalism to the best of our abilities. We’ve seen amazing growth in readership as we’ve expanded further into the technological aspects of reporting and publishing our content.

The praise goes to you, CSULB. The campus newspaper is not only for you, but is about you.

To say 2009 has been a difficult year is an understatement. We’ve all been hit with higher student fees, campus shutdown days, furloughs and reduced course offerings, all of which has left our plates a little emptier at suppertime.

Grocery stores are probably selling the hell out of mac and cheese because of the ever growing line of starving students.

Because of how hard our system has been hit, we find it compulsory to fire off a few more salvos before we drift into our slumber.

Sacramento and the California State University board of trustees have failed us miserably. By not meeting the budget deadline by one tick of the clock mid-year, our state leaders put our economy an extra $2 billion in the hole, more than enough to fully fund higher education.

The board of trustees got weak in the knees and didn’t fight with might to stave off the wolves. Instead they let students, faculty and employees take the brunt of systemwide cuts. They almost seem like they’d rather have us panhandling on the streets than earn degrees.

When we return from break, it’s important to remember our campus community still has a fight on its hands. Education is not only key to our growth, it’s critical for future generations and we’re responsible for paving the way for their opportunities.

Good luck with finals. We hope your holidays are peaceful and that there’s more than ramen noodles on your plate in January.

Goodnight 2009. We’re out.

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