Resisting skeptics prompts belief ETs exist

Just in time for the new X-Files movie “I Want to Believe,” former United States astronaut Edgar Mitchell announced during an interview that aliens do exist and the world’s government have been keeping this news quiet for more than 60 years.

Mitchell, who worked on the Apollo 10 and 14 missions, claims that high ranking military sources and scientists who have worked for the government have informed him that extraterrestrials do, in fact, exist and have visited on various occasions.

This announcement has taken much of the world by storm because, as a high ranking Navy officer and former astronaut, he is one of the most credible sources to make such a claim.

Although NASA has responded to this accusation by denying any sort of alien cover-up, like Fox Mulder in the “X-Files” TV show, I still want to believe.

Since I was a kid watching re-runs of “Unsolved Mysteries” with my grandma, the idea of extraterrestrial life coming to our planet has intrigued me.

I’ve always been curious as to what other life would look like, how they could travel and what their home planets might looks like. Although I used to feel crazy because I contemplated these questions, recent surveys done by CNN and the University of Connecticut report that a majority of Americans believe alien life does exist.

In fact, one report estimates that nearly two-thirds of Americans believe “life exists on other planets.” With so many people believing we are not alone, then, why are the governments of the world holding back their knowledge of alien life, as Mitchell believes?

Surely, it can’t be out of fear the extraterrestrials they know about are hostile. Considering earth is a relatively defenseless planet, highly intelligent lifeforms with interplanetary capabilities would have destroyed us decades ago.

Maybe, then, the reason for such secrecy is because the release of that information could shatter the rules of our societies and chaos would ensue.

Earth prides itself on being the only planet that it knows about with life on it. If we lose that special feeling of being the only living creatures in the universe, the answers we have all developed to answer the mysteries of life and our origins will need to be re-evaluated.

Religion, the basis of most societal norms and laws, would have to be questioned and our scientific ideas would have to be put into a much larger perspective.

We would, thus, lose all of the answers our species has developed for explaining the mysteries of the universe. Sure, a lot of people, including myself, feel comfortable believing that alien life could exist.

But, we think this way only because we have no real reason to believe any aliens actually do exist. If we really had to sit down and contemplate what it would be like to have to share the universe with a foreign species, we all would be very scared and uncomfortable.

It would be like finding out that an overweight man in a red suit and hat really does break into your house during Christmas. We all are fine with the idea of Santa Claus giving us presents when we know it isn’t possible for a man to travel all across the globe in one night.

However, if any one of us were to actually stumble across a fat guy hanging out in our chimney we’d all probably start crying or screaming.

Although I’ll probably never stop wondering if life from another planet has journeyed through my atmosphere, I’m a little happy knowing that the government hasn’t broken the news to us that we are not really alone, yet.

I guess, I’m happier watching a movie with David Duchovny in it and buying conspiracy theory books than actually witnessing the fabric of our society melt due to the discovery of other-worldly life.

Who would have guessed?

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