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CSU encourages students to participate in the new chancellor search

The Implementation Committee for the Selection of the Chancellor will host open forums starting on Feb. 7 in search of a new chancellor after the former leader resigned under pressure last spring.

Mike Uhlenkamp, CSU senior director of public affairs, said the input from CSU community members, especially students, at these forums are to see what “is critically important” in the next chancellor.

“Students are our biggest stakeholder,” Uhlenkamp said. “We do need that student feedback and perspective about what is important in the skills, knowledge and abilities of the next chancellor.”

The search for a new CSU chancellor began after former Chancellor Joseph I. Castro resigned under pressure in February 2022. Castro stepped down from the position amid claims of mishandling sexual harassment allegations for six years. He said the move would be better for CSU’s educational mission and work.

Three hybrid open forums will be held across California’s northern, central and southern regions. Long Beach State is scheduled to host the first forum at the CSU Chancellor’s Office at Dumke Auditorium on Feb. 7 from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 pm.

Students are highly encouraged to attend and put in their feedback, according to Uhlenkamp.

“It is an opportunity for all members of the campus communities across CSU to weigh in on the matter, but it is critically important to have that student’s voice,” he said.

Uhlenkamp said the items discussed at the forums would directly affect the search for the new chancellor by creating a “leadership profile.” Comments and feedback from the forums will be reviewed by both the Implementation and Assessment Committees and then funneled into this profile, which will act as a guideline and position description for hiring.

“What our stakeholders have told us is critically important for the person who is going to be in this role,” he said. “That will ultimately let people know whether or not they have those characteristics and then the committees and Board of Trustees will see how closely the candidate pool matches.”

The forums are the beginning basis of the chancellor search that hopes to end by the summer, Uhlenkamp said.

Currently, the committees and board don’t have an outline or list of characteristics they are looking for in the new chancellor. Candidates may come from various backgrounds and no specific qualifications have been identified as the best fit.

“The goal is to cast the widest possible net to attract the best pool of candidates,” Uhlenkamp said. “Ultimately, the decision will be made by the full board of trustees, including representation from students and faculty.”

For more information about how students can participate in the forums, visit The CSU System Chancellor Search.

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