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Rain advisory issued to all L.A County beaches

Rainfall is expected to hit Southern California this week, and the Department of Public Health declared an Ocean Water Quality Rain Advisory to all L.A County beaches through Thursday, Nov. 10.

Rainfall on the beach causes high levels of bacteria to rise during and after the storm, according to County of Los Angeles Public Health, which may create illness in children and elderly people. The elevated bacteria levels can stay in the water for up to three days.

The heavy rain is expected to hit the city of Long Beach the morning of Nov. 8 and continue through the early morning of Nov. 9, according to the Weather Channel.

Notable L.A. County beaches including Long Beach City Beach, Cabrillo Beach, Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach fall under the health department’s rain advisory.

So far only, .03 inches of rain has hit the city of Long Beach and could rise up to as much as .21 inches by tomorrow night.

The rain advisory recommends people to stay away from ocean water, “especially near flowing storm drains, creeks and rivers.”

None of the beaches have been closed as of yet, but the status of whether beaches are still open can be checked through OC Beach Info.


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