Russia continues to strike civilian areas of Ukraine

It was recently confirmed that the missiles Russia had been using to attack Ukraine were developed and sent from Iran, according to NPR, yet Iran continues to deny these claims as it faces sanctions from the West.

Days after a blast that destroyed the Kerch Strait Bridge, Russia fired missiles into Ukraine. The Kerch Strait Bridge was built after the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014, serving as a connection between Russia and Crimea. The bridge itself was designed for commerce; it also now serves as a staging ground for Russian forces in the current conflict as entry into Ukraine.

According to a map provided by the BBC, the missiles strikes were reported from 12 Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv. Information from NPR states that 19 cities were hit.

Some of the strikes in Ukraine were aimed at civilian areas, such as a playground, bus stop, residential homes, and a glass bridge in Kyiv. The targets of these strikes seem to be presented as terror tactics, while also looking to take down important infrastructures, such as a retaliation to the blast at the Kerch Strait Bridge.

According to NPR, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s reason for the strikes was a response from repeated Ukrainian attacks on Russian infrastructure. Putin claimed that the strikes were designed to target Ukrainian energy infrastructure, military command, and communications.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said that 30% of Ukraine’s power stations have been destroyed over the few days from the strikes.

Many regions attacked during the strike lost electricity, and others had water supplies compromised. Portions of Kyiv have no power or water according to BBC, and 1,162 settlements have no power.

Global officials still are unsure whether this new phase of escalated attacks will continue or lead to the use of nuclear weapons. Zelensky said the missile strikes leave no room for negotiation with Putin, signaling no clear pathway to de-escalation.

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