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ASI hosts Native American Heritage Month kickoff event

Associated Students Inc. hosted the Native American kickoff celebration held on campus at the USU Southwest Terrace, Wednesday, Nov. 3.

The celebration kicked off a series of planned Native American heritage events happening at CSULB this month.

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Students and tribal members from various Native American tribes gathered at the Southwest Terrace to speak, learn, and drum and chant underneath the afternoon sun.

Tribesmen and tribeswomen from the Native American group Wild Horse Native American Association were center stage dressed in traditional garments as wicker, a type of straw material used for basket weaving, sat in tubs of water waiting to be bent into baskets.

The crowd applauded speeches about the importance of native Californian traditions and the First Nations People’s history of the very lands the CSULB campus sits on.

A fan gifting ceremony was also held for Miztla Aguilera, a CSULB alumnus. Aguilera started the ceremony with a prayer after being joined behind the podium with two other tribe members. Members of her tribe created the fan out of eagle feathers and presented it to her.

Students passing by stopped to take a look and joined the crowd.

To close out the celebration, tribe members got into a large circle and performed a dance to booming drums and chanting.

Several events are planned to celebrate Native American Heritage Month.

For more information on upcoming events, check ASI

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