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CSULB postpones commencement registration pending results of survey

Long Beach State’s Commencement Office announced via email that the registration deadline for the 2021 commencement ceremony is delayed until further notice.


“Due to the complexities of this year’s commencement schedule, we ask you hold both May 18 to 21 and May 28 to 31. The registration RSVP will be delayed until a final date is set,” the email read.


The university sent out an email Thursday to graduating seniors asking for their input on what commencement ceremony they would prefer, an in-person ceremony or a hybrid celebration.


This comes after the university announced that they are in the planning stages of an in-person ceremony pending governor approval. The in-person ceremony would be May 28 to 31, a week after the car caravan would take place.


Starting March 22, graduating students have the option to create a “custom graduate slide” to commemorate their accomplishments.


Students can upload photos to personalize their slides, which will be due by May 1.

“The statement can be a quote that inspired them while working toward their degree, a word of thanks to any family, friends and faculty members that helped them during their journey or a reflection on their time as a Beach student,” the commencement website said.

Updates will be made available on the university’s commencement website.

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