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CSULB ASI announces 2020 election results

By Madalyn Amato and Eric Watson-Bailey

Mary Ann Takemoto, interim vice president of student affairs, and Miles Nevin, executive director of Associated Students Inc., announced the winners of the ASI general election Thursday.

Nevin said that there was an 8% voter turnout, around 2.5% higher than last year’s election.

Omar Prudencio-Gonzalez was elected to be ASI’s new president, receiving 69% of the vote.

Prudencio-Gonzalez is a third-year political science major, and is currently the  EOP student organization vice president.

Through the Panetta Institute for Public Policy, Prudencio-Gonzalez served as an intern in 2019 for Doris Matsui, House Representative for California’s 6th District. 

Prudencio-Gonzalez hopes to make an impact with mental health being a key issue on his platform.

“I have witnessed the many issues that students face such as college affordability and food insecurity, which affects mental health,” Prudencio-Gonzalez said via his campaign page.

He plans on using his experience with student government and hands-on experience to create change. 

“I pledge to partner with Los Angeles on Orange Counties to expand mental health resources,” Prudencio-Gonzalez said via email. 

Maythe Alderete Gonzalez was elected as vice-president, receiving 56% of the vote. 

Alderete Gonzalez is a fourth-year women’s, gender and sexuality studies major and human development minor. 

Alderete Gonzalez currently serves as the ASI’s chief diversity officer.

“Being vice president would definitely give me the ability to have more access to the division of student affairs,” Alderete Gonzalez said. “I think it’ll give me more ability to enhance the role I currently have, which is advocating for students of color, undocumented students and LGBTQIA+ students.”

A first-generation undocumented student herself, Alderete Gonzales wants to put diversity at the forefront of her platform.

“We have to work with the administration to do the proper outreach,” Alderete Gonzalez said. “We have to get students to come out because we do pride ourselves with ‘no barriers at the Beach.’”

Adriana Andrade was elected as the Senate’s treasurer, taking 51% of the vote.

Andrade is a third-year business administration major and a political science minor. 

She looks to better the situations of students helping them clear one of their most debilitating hurdles. 

“I aim to create more resources to help students financially as this is a common barrier to their academic success,” Andrade said.

Andrade currently serves as the Assembly Bill 540 and undocumented student commissioner and is the social media manager for FUEL, as well as hosted Brown Issues, an organization that encourages students of color to pursue civic engagement, on campus this past fall.

She also looks to improve the Dream Success Center, which provides vital resources to underrepresented students.

Xan Balayan, who ran unopposed, was elected as the University Student Union Board of Trustees representative. 

Alyssa Castrillon was elected as a senator-at-large. Sumaiyah Hossain was re-elected to her position as senator-at-large.

Both candidates running to represent the College of Engineering, Lexeigh Harris and Manolo Cruz, were elected.

Salvador Peregrina and Millaray Andrea Ramirez were both elected to represent the College of Liberal Arts.

Jubilee Haddasah Munozvilla, who ran unopposed, was elected to represent the College of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

“Although the campus is mostly closed and you’re all moving to online instruction, ASI staff are still working,” Nevin said. “We’re still here.”



  1. Censoring comments? Ouch!

  2. Dale Lendrum

    Recently I, and other Senators were accused by some colleagues of not caring about communities of color or what they have been through. Five years ago, I helped lead the charge to ensure that our undocumented student leaders receive fair and equal compensation for their executive service. Click here: Today, I have the blessing of witnessing one of my undocumented critiques being elected to executive office where they will benefit from the work I, and others who cared and care, put in. And that brings me joy. Malama Pono

    • Rachel Barnes

      Hello! Thanks for the comment! Next time try not to use a link in your comment because our website automatically registers it as spam and deletes it.

      • Dale Lendrum

        Thank you Rachel. Much aloha. Some journalistic websites accept links and some don’t. As I had no way of knowing that the D49er site didn’t accept links I took a shot. Both links are to solid D49er articles. Thanks again.

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