SRWC offers free equipment rentals for women to test their minds, bodies

For women’s history month, women at Cal State Long Beach can strap on rock climbing equipment and take on the Student Recreation and Wellness Center’s ceiling-high rock wall – for free.

The SRWC will offer free rock climbing shoe rentals to CSULB female students on specific days throughout March, encouraging them to diverge from their usual workout routines and test themselves on the SRWC’s rock wall.

The rental rock climbing shoes normally cost $3, according to rock climbing supervisor Hannah Zazulia, while chalk is $2 and the harness is free. Throughout March, the shoes will be free for students on Thursdays from 5 to 8 p.m.

The event was created by Rock and Outdoor Adventures Supervisor Laura Wong. It has been taking place for two years, aiming to involve more women in the sport of rock climbing, according to Zazulia.

Zazulia said that rock climbing doesn’t cater to a specific sex, but she said she believes that many have come to the conclusion that it is a male-dominated sport.

“Rock climbing is more than physical; it’s mental,” Zazulia said.

Some women on campus said they plan to take advantage of the promotion and try the new workout experience.

“I think it’s a good idea,” psychology and communications major Kimberly Hernandez said. “I’ll probably try it out.”

For other students, like sophomore film major Brittani Morgan, the March promotion will allow those hesitant about rock climbing to overcome their nerves.

“I’m kind of scared of heights, but I’ll try it,” sophomore film major Brittani Morgan said.

Sophomore business major Elizabeth Hernandez said no sport or challenge, including rock climbing, is out of a woman’s capacity.

“Women can do anything they want,” Hernandez said. 

The free rock climbing shoes promotion is intended for women, but the offer stands available for men as well if they want to take advantage of the deal, according to Zazulia.

Zazulia said she hopes the offer will attract more female students to experience something new and that they will take this opportunity to test their limits at the rock wall.

“It’s an all-inclusive workout,” Zazulia said, “for your body and your mind.”


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