49ers Vote campaign comes up short of expectations

Associated Students Inc.’s 49ers Vote Campaign ended Monday, having registered 2,835 less students than it aimed to.

The voter registration campaign set a goal of registering at least 4,900 students to vote by the Oct. 22 deadline. Through the campaign, 2,065 students were registered, according to records from the ASI Government Office.

“Of course, this is not everyone who was newly registered,” Allison Gallagher, secretary for city affairs for ASI, said via text message, “as we were unable to get in contact with some outside organizations also registering students.”

Gallagher said that many students that ASI approached were registered already. However, Gallagher said that ASI’s efforts were not fruitless because students became substantially more educated throughout the campaign.

“The most important thing is not this goal, but that students actually vote on November 6,” Gallagher said.

Through 49ers Vote, ASI worked with organizations such as the California Faculty Association and California State Student Association to put on events that promoted registration and awareness. The organizations also hosted informational tables in high-traffic areas around campus to catch the attention of young voters and convince them to register to vote and learn about the various propositions on the ballot.

“ASI individuals could have registered more students on their own, but as a whole, we accomplished a lot,” Gallagher said.

Multiple rallies were held on campus with guest political figures such as Assemblymembers Alan Lowenthal and Ricardo Lara and Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster.

ASI ended its voter registration drive with an advocacy rally at the Speaker’s Platform on Thursday. Students listened to influential speakers while enjoying free hot dogs grilled by ASI President John Haberstroh and Vice President Jonathon Bolin.

Gallagher said she believes that the event was a success.

“We were able to not only discuss the issues with students but also remind students the importance of voting,” Gallagher said via email.

Chloee Farris, a sophomore film and creative writing major, said that she is looking forward to the election and has enjoyed becoming informed about the issues concerning Cal State Long Beach.

“[The 49ers Vote campaign] could have made [students] more motivated to go vote …” Farris said via text. “It also made registering very accessible, and I thought it was cool that they offered that on campus.”

Although ASI was disappointed that their goal was not met, the amount of students that expressed interest and excitement about the election has been satisfaction enough for ASI, according to Gallagher.

“It is important that all students exercise their right to vote on November 6 and especially when it comes to Prop. 30,” Gallagher said.

On Election Day, those registered in the area can vote in the University Student Union room 205.

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