Sbarro to expand to include new entrance

Renovations are currently underway in the University Student Union to expand Sbarro, the Italian fast-food restaurant, into the open space next door, allowing access from inside the building.

In approximately two weeks, students will be able to enter Sbarro from inside the USU instead of the primary entrance through South Plaza.

“The goal is to have more access for the students,” Shon Nikman, employee at Sbarro, said.

The renovations will provide students with more indoor seating, which may allow for more open seats during peak hours or cold days when students prefer to stay indoors.

“The USU has been looking for a way to renovate the area for quite some time, and the owner of Sbarro was interested in expanding sitting space, so it all came together,” Associated Students Inc. Communications Coordinator Christina Esparza said.

The connection between the spaces is almost finished, and the walls have been placed, according to Nikman.

Workers are currently in the process of painting the walls, which will match the current Sbarro décor.

The extension, formerly YoGo! Creations, is approximately 600 square feet, USU Director Dave Edwards said. The location has been empty for about one year.

“This minor renovation in the USU will provide additional space for students to grab a quick bite to eat, lounge comfortably and enjoy some time with friends,” Edwards said.

Students are responding positively to the changes in the USU.

“It’ll be nice to have more places to sit inside, because sometimes it’s hard to find an empty spot, especially when it rains,” Tracy Fong, a senior nutrition and dietetics major, said. “I come here during busy times every once in a while, and I always end up sitting outside because there are so many people.”
Sbarro came to Cal State Long Beach three years ago, opened by Nikman’s daughter, Honey.

“We make fresh, quality Italian food,” Nikman said. “We take pride in what we do.” 

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  1. I disagree. The food at this particular Sbarros was horrible. It was way too greasy and excessive amounts of tomato skins were found in the sauce and I almost threw up. I’ve been to other Sbarros and have had better service. This one needs to do a better job with controlling the amounts of grease and not put suprise skins in the sauce.

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