ASI resolution to add more diaper-changing tables

A resolution to add diaper-changing stations to designated restrooms on campus passed in its first and second reading on Wednesday at the Associated Students Inc. Senate meeting.

This resolution originated when Jeane Relleve Caveness, the assistant dean of students, approached Senators Angelica Cortez and Jessica Corral, the two authors of this resolution, with an issue a student mother had with changing her baby on campus.

Cortez and Corral are the Senators of the College of Health and Human Services.

According to the resolution, 23 percent of college students have dependent children under the age of five.

“Although the amount of students who … attend class with their children is minimal, I feel that their needs still need to be met,” Corral said. “They attend classes just like any other students and the last thing they should be worrying about is where they are going to change their child.”

Cortez and Corral conducted a survey in response to see how many students would be interested in adding changing stations to the restrooms on campus.

There were a total of 102 students surveyed. There were 53 students that selected “interested,” 36 that were “not interested” and 13 students that were “neutral.”

If approved, changing stations would be added to the Horn Center, College of Business Administration, the KKJZ/FM building, the engineering building, and the main floor of the University Library.

The resolution will be presented to the Division of Administration and Finance, who will decide whether or not to fund the project.

The changing stations would cost an estimate of $900 to $1,200.

If approved, the five changing stations would be installed over the summer and ready to use by fall 2012.

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