Student parents face cuts to Child Development Program

A resolution in opposition to Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed cuts to the state’s Child Development Program was passed by Associated Students Inc. on its first reading Feb. 15.

Brown proposed a cut of $517 million throughout the state of California. An estimated amount of 62,000 children will be affected by the cuts statewide. 

The Isabel Patterson Child Development Center (IPCDC), located on the Cal State Long Beach campus, would be affected by these cuts if the budget is passed. 

ASI Vice President Stephen Thomas said via email that ASI was not informed on exactly how much the IPCDC would be cut from the $517 million statewide budget reduction.

A statewide letter-writing campaign was launched to give a voice to the people who will be affected by these cuts.

“The campaign is already in affect across the state, and we will begin our support movement pending the approval from the student Senate,” Thomas said.

The IPCDC provides CSULB students first-priority to a discounted price for childcare services. For students who are low-income, a state-subsidized and federal financial assistance program is available during the academic year. 

The purpose of the IPCDC is to provide parents who are also students the opportunity of higher education while their children are in affordable child development programs on-campus. 

Although CSULB students are prioritized, CSULB faculty, alumni and community members are welcomed to enroll their children in the programs as well.

“If approved, the letters would be available at the IPCDC, on our Lobby Corp website and in the ASI Government Office, and will be distributed to the student parents who use the CDC,” Thomas said.

The letter-writing campaign will be in effect until the state budget has been passed.

“It is our goal to demonstrate the magnitude of student parents that would be affected by these cuts across the state in hopes that the budget will continue to support our student parents by funding child development,” Thomas said.

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