Beachnet+ hits record number of users in a day

Beachnet+, the upgraded Wi-Fi system that allows students to stay logged in to the campus server longer, broke its own record last week for most users in a day with 22,000 users.

The wireless service, accessible as of Dec. 1, is now more secure and faster for all users, according to Steve La, director of network services.

The Wi-Fi system is now fully integrated with BeachMail, meaning users can use the same username and password for both Beachnet+ and Beachmail. Beachnet+ is also fully integrated with the latest Windows 7, Mac OSX, iPhone and other new mobile services, according to La.

Cal State Long Beach system engineers created a new server and security system for the new Wi-Fi service. La said Beachnet+ utilizes the latest Wi-Fi security that encrypts all connections to prevent hackers or hijacking on popular accounts such as Facebook, Amazon and Google.

“We wanted to create a simple yet secure Wi-Fi network for our students without the need for lengthy configuration instructions on students’ mobile devices,” La said. “We realized that not all devices, especially the older ones, are compatible, nor support the latest WPA2 security standard.”

Beachnet+ will keep users connected for a longer period of time, without needing to constantly log in to the network, according to La.

“Beachnet+ is so much faster than before,” said Morgan Sedra, a sophomore liberal studies major. “I don’t have to constantly log in my username and password anymore.”

However, faculty and staff’s email will not be integrated with Beachnet+ until the email migration to Exchange 2010 is complete.

The existing Beachnet will continue to be available in order to support older Wi-Fi devices and provide stronger accessibility. CSULB offers 175 new wireless access points and more than 860 of those points are available on campus.


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