Psych Day offers fun, education

Students threw darts at pictures of psychology professors and answered questions for a trivia game at the 39th annual Psych Day.

The Cal State Long Beach Wednesday event included student workshops, a research competition, a potluck, games, a keynote speaker and a fair for psychology students.

At the “Stick it to your professor,” booth, students were even allowed to vent some aggression by purchasing darts, and throwing them at headshots of some psychology department professors. “Everybody seems to be coming to this booth,” said Ryan O’Connor, a senior psych major. “They seem to really like throwing darts at their professors.”

Psi Chi Honor Society, which functions as a student organization, psychology student association and an international honor society, organized the event. 

“Each year, Psych Day gets bigger, better, more organized and prettier,” Psi Chi President Christina Siu said. “We have had a great turnout this year.”

Students viewed the diverse student research projects in the competition. Some projects included topics on social networking called “Facebook Involvement and Usage: A Qualitative and Quantitative Coding of Facebook Behavior” and birds called “There’s Something About Glia: Post-injury Glial and Neuronal Response in the Avian Hippocampus.” 

“I found the Facebook and drug effects research projects to be the most interesting,” junior Chicano studies major Edy Hernandez said.

Other universities that showcased their psychology programs included Chapman University, the University of Southern California and Cal State Fullerton.

According to Chapman sophomore psychology major and representative Arezu Iranipour, many students unsure of their post-graduation plans have inquired about her university’s psychology graduate program.

“[Psych Day] is informational with other schools coming to us, so we don’t have to go elsewhere,” senior psychology major Kathy Prakone said.

Other CSULB organization participations included the Student Life and Development and Psychology Peer Advising.

Keynote speaker and psychology professor emeritus John Jung concluded the event with a talk titled “A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To the Retirement Home, Or How I Moved From Psychology to History.”


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