Solicitor spotted outside CSULB dorms

Student residents at Cal State Long Beach were notified on Feb. 3 about unauthorized solicitors near the residence halls.

The e-mail sent to residents from the housing office stated, “Recently, there have been reports of solicitors approaching residents asking them to sign up for magazine subscriptions. These people are not authorized to be in or around the residence halls. If you are approached by these individuals please call University Police at (562) 985-4101 right away. Please remember to keep doors and windows locked and do not let strangers into your building.”

According to Carol Roberts-Corb, director of housing and residential life, there were two reports which seemed to be about the same person with the same description.

“We haven’t heard that this person is physically threatening,” said Roberts-Corb.

Instead, she said the person is approaching people because he or she wants money.

“I don’t really see it as a safety threat,” said Parkside Commons resident and junior Athena Robinson, “I don’t think they should be here.”

If approached by an unauthorized solicitor near the residence halls “Just say no thank you,” said Marith Parton, resident assistant for Parkside Commons building P. Parton explained that resident assistants are told to refer unauthorized solicitors to the housing office.

The situation was dealt with by notifying residents, staff and the police, who are looking for the solicitor, explained Roberts-Corb.

According to the 2010-2011 CSULB Residence Halls Handbook and Calendar, “Solicitation, selling and the distribution of samples in the residence halls is prohibited. Soliciting by authorized representatives of recognized student organizations is permitted in public areas provided written approval has been granted by Housing and Residential Life.”

People that don’t belong in the residence hall area usually look lost or wander around, Parton said. This makes it easier to tell who should or shouldn’t be in the area around the residence halls.

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