CSULB student held hostage at a house party

A female student was held hostage by a male student as she attempted to get into her car after leaving a house party in Paramount City Nov. 22, University Police Capt. Fernando Solorzano said.

While trying to get into her car after leaving the party, the male student reportedly grabbed her by her purse, pulled her into his arms and proceeded to hold her against her will.

The female student attempted to escape his grip, but he continued his actions, forcing her to stay at the party.

The female student reported him to University Police the next day. He now faces battery charges and the case remains under investigation.


Accessory theft

A student’s iPod was reportedly taken from her purse that was placed next to her during a lecture in Room 104 of the Fine Arts 2 building Nov. 18, Solorzano said. The student had no suspect to report and no additional information exists. The case is now under investigation by University Police.


Grand theft wallet

A study session turned into a crime scene after a student’s wallet was taken from a study table he was using on the fifth floor of the library Nov. 18, Solorzano said.

The student left his wallet on the study table while he stepped away to use the restroom. He returned to his study area to find his wallet missing.

The loss of the wallet is valued at $380. No suspect was seen or heard at the scene. The case now remains under investigation by University Police.


Un-fare texi ride

A taxi driver called University Police after two passengers refused to pay him Nov. 20, Solorzano said.

After the taxi driver delivered the passengers to their desired destination on Seventh Street and Bellflower Boulevard, a dispute over the payment of the cab ride began between the two passengers and the driver. However, when University Police arrived at the scene, the driver had a change of heart and decided not to file charges.

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