Man attacks officer in CSULB dorms

Man attacks University Police officer

University Police were called on Oct. 10 to Residence Commons, room 116 when a couple was heard fighting inside, University Police Lt. Scott Brown said. The caller reported hearing the female crying and thought that she was being physically attacked by the male. Once police arrived to break up the fight, the male took a swing at an officer. Although he missed, he was arrested for assaulting the officer. No injuries were reported by the couple, and the police officer was unharmed.

Fraternity house party complaint

University Police assisted the Long Beach Police Department for a fraternity house party noise complaint on Oct. 7, Brown said. Neighbors of the 793 Atlantic location contacted police at 1:33 a.m. when they thought the noise was getting too loud. University police arrived at the frat house to control the noise, and issued four judicial citations.

Flash and dash

Indecent exposure was reported Oct. 8, when a man was seen exposing and touching his genitalia around the Language Arts 5 building, Brown said. The suspect is an Asian male in his 30s, with shoulder length black hair, wearing a white jacket with navy blue sleeves and denim pants, Brown said. The man fled the scene before police arrived and was unable to be located.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? The cops

A residence coordinator contacted University Police after a scent of marijuana was detected from a room in Residence Commons on Oct. 7, Brown said. The residence coordinator approached the room with a knock at the door. Noise was heard on the inside, but no one answered back. A student finally responded when police arrived at the door, and was judicially for marijuana use. According to Brown, University Police knocked louder and the student answered the door.

Group reportedly harass bystander on campus

Three men were seen walking around and waving liquor bottles by the Human and Health Services 1 building on Oct. 6, Brown said. The caller who reported the men felt prompted to contact University Police when the group’s attention turned toward him. The caller reported being cursed at and verbally attacked. However, when police arrived, the three men had already left. Police searched the building and surrounding areas, but didn’t locate the group.

Police break up drunken brawl

University Police broke up a fight on Oct. 9 between two men in the parking lot of Carl’s Jr. near the Pacific Coast Highway and Ximeno Ave. intersection, Brown said. Both men had been drinking, and the fight was due to heavy consumption of alcohol, Brown said. Once the fight had been broken up, one man was arrested for his own safety, as police determined he was too drunk to care for himself.

Man complains about smelly graffiti

Police were contacted Oct. 8 by a caller who had a complaint about the amount of graffiti in the Fine Arts 4 building, Brown said. The callers complaint wasn’t about the graffiti itself, but the toxic smells of the graffiti paint and the health risks it may have on students. The caller was referred to Safety and Risk Management because the police felt they would be better suited to handle the concern.

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