University Police activity log

Snakes on a car
A 6-foot long boa constrictor snake reportedly wrapped itself around the axel of a car in the Ralph’s parking lot July 17. Two University Police officers, who have handled snakes before, responded to the call.

They opened the engine compartment, “controlled” the head, unwrapped the snake and placed it in a helmet bag, Lieutenant Scott Brown said.

Boa constrictors are not indigenous to the area. Brown said, “It was someone’s pet that got out.”

Tickets please
There have been several reported incidents of disturbances over parking passes and parking tickets in the last few weeks. According to Lieutenant Scott Brown, one man approached the visitor center “several times” on Beach Drive, attempting to convince the worker to give him free parking permits.

On July 16, he stepped out his vehicle and approached the window. The worker felt threatened and called the police. The man left before police arrived, but they are “waiting for him to come back,” Brown said.

In a separate incident another man argued over a parking ticket he received at Parking Structure 3, while he was at a Cal State Long Beach soccer tournament on July 24. “Years ago we didn’t enforce parking permits on the weekends, but now we do,” Brown said. “Some people remember the old days and assume they won’t get a ticket.”

A similar incident happened again on July 30. “People argue over parking tickets quite frequently,” Brown said. “It happens more during the semesters.”

Laptop theft booting up
Several laptops have been reportedly stolen over the summer. It’s not uncommon for students to feel like it’s a “college atmosphere” and that they won’t get their laptops stolen, Lieutenant Scott Brown said.

Two laptops were stolen from the Los Cerritos Hall room 109 on July 21. The student valued them at $2,600.

On July 16, a laptop was stolen at the College of Business Administration building room 436. On June 10, two laptops, valued at $2,245, were stolen from the Academic Services building room 120.

According to Brown, University Police have a better chance of finding stolen laptops if students have logged onto their CSULB accounts while on campus.

“Don’t leave your laptops unattended,” Brown emphasized. “We deal with this on a regular basis.”

Burn baby burn
Two females lit a magazine on fire and threw it into a trash can near the west turnaround on West Campus Drive August 2, according to University Police. The girls then took pictures while the trash can smoldered with 2-feet high smoke, according to witness Bruce Vancil, assitant director for the Office of University Outreach and School Relations. The suspects remain unknown.

Enemies of the anemones
Six international students reportedly took pictures inside the Brotman Hall water fountain, posing with the sea anemones July 14. According to Lieutenant Scott Brown, Cal State Long Beach had to send the fountain art to the creator in Australia years ago when some students bent the rods.

Westbound woman wanderer
University Police found an elderly female walking in the middle of 7th Street at West Campus Drive going westbound off the freeway toward Bellflower Boulevard on July 27, Lieutenant Scott Brown said. They transported her to a Long Beach Community Hospital on Pacific Coast Highway and Termino Avenue.

Robbing the residence recyclables
A private person’s arrest was made on July 19 after the suspect was seen trespassing at the Residence Commons. He was reportedly stealing recyclables from the trash can, which is against Long Beach’s Health and Safety Laws.

“Digging through recyclables is a theft because the city makes money off of them,” Brown said.

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