New MyCSULB application for finding textbooks

Cal State Long Beach students can save time and perhaps a little money thanks to a new feature on their MyCSULB account.

By clicking on the “Student Center” tab, Cal State Long Beach students can access the “My Textbooks” link on their MyCSULB account. The link will guide students to a list of the University Bookstore’s textbook prices for their classes.

The new feature is based on a program used by the University Bookstore. In past semesters, MyCSULB had a link to the bookstore’s website where students had to separately find the section of each of their classes.

“It’s just time consuming,” said Donna Green of enrollment services, explaining the old process. “This one takes your whole schedule.”

The program doesn’t require that students purchase their books from the University Bookstore, although it does give them that option. Instead, they can view the bookstore’s prices and shop around for the best price at other locations.

The new application came as a result of a Higher Education Act for financial aid that required schools to provide textbook requirements for each course. Green said, however, that the act doesn’t give schools a deadline by when they must notify students of the textbook requirements.

Green said, “We’re working with the instructors to help them get that information quicker.”

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