ASI student elections approaching

The California State University system was allocated $50.9 million in additional federal stimulus funding, making the Cal State Long Beach share approximately $3.7 million, announced at yesterday’s Associated Student Inc. meeting. These stimulus dollars will be used to protect classes and programs directly related to graduation.

“The university’s main effort is making sure the students have the ability to graduate in a very timely fashion,” said ASI President Chris Chavez.

The stimulus dollars are not projected to be back next year as most stimulus funding is not reoccurring. The University Budget Committee is, however, planning the budget appropriately for this and taking it into consideration for future project development.

These plans to protect classes and fulfill our requirements for graduation parallel the Value Degree Initiative, also introduced at the Senate meeting. This degree initiative is a systemwide effort to improve graduation rates in the CSU system by 2015.

“We are going to try to go above and beyond and meet the recommendations that the CSU wants and do it in a way that is going to lead the rest of the CSU system,” Chavez said.

Also announced were applications for the 2010-11 ASI student government elections are now being accepted. Applications were made available Feb. 8 and will continue through Feb. 19. These applications can be found in the ASI government office in USU 311.

All students interested in getting involved are encouraged to apply. ASI will host an informational session on “What it Means to Run for Office” Feb. 15 at 5 p.m. in USU 205. Information can also be obtained by visiting the ASI Web page at

February is Black History Month and CSULB will be celebrating by holding its 11th annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebration Thursday at the Speaker’s Platform by the bookstore from 12 to 1 p.m. There will also be a performance, “Out of the Margins,” in the Daniel Recital Hall next Monday.

Other events on campus included the introduction of “vent tents” at last week’s basketball game against Fullerton. ASI was able to record six students’ opinions on how budget cuts have affected the quality of their high education. Chavez said it was a great first effort and these tents will continue to be set up at key games throughout the semester.

Construction on the first floor of the student union is also still a concern for ASI, although it continues to go well. The mall area will be open and the games area is expected to open in approximately six weeks. Additionally, the bowling lanes will receive upgraded automatic scoring boards.

Although the damage to the first floor of the University Student Union was highly publicized because of its big effect on our campus, it wasn’t the only damage that occurred. The music department also suffered a great amount of damage to their instruments during the flood a few weeks ago. The value of the damage has yet to be determined, but many instruments, including basses and harps, will need to be replaced.

This article was modified Feb. 14 at 6:43 p.m. to correct the amount of funding given to the California State University system.


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