Show goes green for job interview clothes

A sustainable fashion show is being held on campus today to teach students how to make a lasting first impression during job interviews without breaking the bank.

The Rainmaker Network, along with Cal State Long Beach organization Up ‘til Dawn, is hosting the fashion show using clothes donated by Dress for Success and Out of the Closet, a local thrift shop in Long Beach.

“We started developing the idea in the summer; it is never too early to start preparing,” said Lauren Miller, PR and marketing associate for the Rainmaker Network.

The main focus of the fashion show is to inform students about affordable and stylish clothing that can be attained at any local thrift shop, said Amara Poolswasdi, Rainmaker Network brand manager.

“The Rainmaker Network is an organization focused on developing both the lives and careers of university students in a sustainable manner,” Miller said via e-mail. “We thought that a fashion show focused on how students can put together proper interview attire on a low budget would be an appropriate way to reach out to students and combine these two aspects of our organization.”

Depending on what kind of job interview the student has set up, he or she should aim for business formal to business casual because it reflects well on the students, Poolswaski said, adding that the Rainmaker Network has put together ensembles that reflect just that in its fashion show.

The people on staff have worked in human relations for various companies, Poolswasdi said. She also said the chief executive officers of many companies have consulted with the Rainmaker Network about what they are looking for when interviewing students.

There will be six female models and four male models displaying 15 different outfits on the runway at the Speaker’s Platform. Poolswasdi said people should know that thrift stores “not only … carry name brands, [but also that] the clothing is screened by our employees.”

A clothing swap will also take place before the show begins. The organizations hope students will bring clothes that do not fit and swap them in hopes of finding something new to wear for job interviews. Clothing that is left over will be donated to Dress for Success.

Dress for Success, Worldwide West is an organization that works with underprivileged women who have been out of the workforce and are looking for employment.

“We are trying to get the word out about our clothing to women,” said branch manager Adriana Zyskowski. “We work directly with employment agencies, such as downtown Los Angeles WorkSource and Hollywood WorkSource; we do not work on a walk in basis.”

According to Poolswaski, The Rainmaker Network is also working with Dress for Success to offer future scholarships for students in the Southern California region.

“In this economy, you are not given a second chance,” Miller said. “There is an abundance of qualified candidates, and taking the time to make a positive first impression can help you land the job of your dreams.”

The fashion show will be held on the platform stage grass area in front of the bookstore at noon.

This article was modified Oct. 28 at 1:23 p.m. Lauren Miller’s position at the Rainmaker Network was corrected.


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