Teed Up S3E2: It’s Footy Friday!

The Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) and the Asian Cup are two big international competitions currently dominating the headlines. AFCON consists of nations such as Egypt, Morocco and the Ivory Coast and the Asian Cup consists of countries such as Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia. The hosts talk about disappointing performances, surprises and their favorite teams to win their respective competitions.

In the English Premier League, the big headline is Liverpool FC manager Jürgen Klopp announcing that he will be stepping down as the manager of the club after the season is over. Klopp has been at the club since 2015 and the hosts break down his career at the club and try to figure out a suitable replacement to lead the Reds.

Closing out the show, the hosts and guests talk about the Premier League title race and the teams who have disappointed or surpassed expectations.

Hosts: Naoki Gima, Matthew Gomez
Guests: Zach Durham, Maher Basharahil
Editor: Aidan Swanepoel
Producers: El Nicklin, Aidan Swanepoel
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