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Beach Weekly S10E14: CSULB soil treatment plan petition, Biden’s re-election bid & more

In Season 10: Episode 14 of Beach Weekly, host Lei Madrigal discusses local and international news.

The entire Long Beach State campus is built on Puvungna, a large area of sacred land protected by environmental laws that has been a ceremonial center for indigenous Southern California tribes for thousands of years. These tribes believe that the university’s upcoming soil treatment plan will damage the site and request that the soil treatment be delayed by one year to give them time to try to get federal funding to carry out the soil plan in their own, more respectful way.

A bipartisan congressional group from California and Nevada is looking to build an electric bullet train connecting the Los Angeles area to Las Vegas. The service would start in San Bernardino and run alongside Interstate 15, making stops in Victor Valley before reaching the Las Vegas strip in just about two hours traveling at around 200 mph. The project would cost around $12 billion in total through federal and private funding.

Last Tuesday, President Joe Biden announced that he is running for re-election in 2024 even though most Americans think he should not seek a second term because of his old age. Additionally, former president Donald Trump is the current leading Republican candidate for the 2024 election.

Over $15 million in gold and other valuable items were stolen from an airplane cargo container in Toronto, Canada on April 17. a cargo container was taken off an aircraft and moved to a holding cargo facility where it was stolen. Canadian police have been investigating for over a week and still have not determined any suspects.

Last month, Uganda’s parliament voted overwhelmingly to pass one of the world’s harshest laws against the homosexuality. The bill would criminalize identifying as LGBTQ+ with extreme consequences including life imprisonment or the death penalty. After receiving outstanding backlash internationally, the Ugandan president sent the bill back to the parliament for amendments.

A Spanish mountaineer spent 500 days alone in a cave 230 feet underground to learn more about the effects of isolation on the mind and body. A research team observed her remotely with little to no communication, routinely giving her food and other necessities. She entered the cave in November of 2021 and resurfaced on April 14.

A 16-year old Louisiana high school senior has been accepted into 180 out of the 200 universities he applied to and received $9 million in scholarships. He is graduating from his high school two years early with a 4.98 GPA. He wants to study computer science and will choose his school this week.

Host: Lei Madrigal

Editor: Andy Nguyen

Producers: Leila Nunez, Isabel Silagy

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