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Beach Weekly S10E6: CSULB Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, Doomsday Glacier & more

In Season 10: Episode 5 of Beach Weekly, host Lei Madrigal covers the latest stories locally, nationally, and worldwide.

Long Beach State offers on-campus Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to students every Wednesday from 12pm-1pm in room 268 of the Student Health Services building. Anyone in need of help can walk into a meeting whenever they find it necessary and do not have to attend on a regular basis. Neither appointments nor sign-ups are required.

A former Long Beach State student was charged with federal hate crimes for shooting two Jewish men at a synagogue in Los Angeles. The shootings were non-fatal and happened on two separate occasions, the first occurring on Feb. 15 and the second on Feb. 16. The shooter was identified as the same individual who was arrested last July for carrying a gun on Long Beach State campus.

As California households face unusually high gas bills this season, the city of Long Beach has announced relief programs to help residents. Those experiencing financial hardship can now apply to receive a one-time $100 credit to help pay their next gas utility bill. All residents, regardless of financial hardship, can expect a one-time $45 credit to be automatically applied to their account with their next billing cycle. More information on utility assistance programs can be found at

The effects of fentanyl in America are only getting deadlier. Politicians are calling on President Biden to increase security measures at the southern border to mitigate fentanyl in the States. But when cartels are only being fueled by the profits they make in America, national efforts to limit fentanyl can seem pointless. If fentanyl is here to stay, a promising strategy to decrease its effects is to educate Americans on its consequences.

Researchers have installed cameras and sensors underneath a glacier in Antarctica nicknamed the “Doomsday Glacier” to keep track of the rates at which it is melting. These cameras and sensors are great developments in understanding sea level rise and climate change.

In the segment on quick headlines, our host discusses recently reaching the one year marker of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Tesla’s self-driving feature recall.

Host: Lei Madrigal

Editor: Andy Nguyen

Producers: Leila Nunez, Isabel Silagy

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