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Beach Weekly S9E8: Former CSULB student journalist wins LASD lawsuit, new affordable housing for CSULB students, the Elon Musk-Twitter saga & more

In Season 9: Episode 8 of Beach Weekly, we are looking at the biggest headlines on the Long Beach State’s and from around the world.

The Muslim Student Association at Long Beach state is seeing growth in its membership, being just one example of how young American Muslims are one of the fastest growing populations in the U.S. However, leaders of the Muslim Student Association noted that despite the growth of their organization, they continue to feel judgement and discrimination from others.

Former Daily Forty-Niner journalist, Pablo Unzueta, won a $90,000 settlement from the LA County Sheriff’s Department last week. Unzueta filed the lawsuit in September 2020, after being arrested while photographing the protest of a Black man who was killed by Los Angeles law enforcement in August 2020. In the lawsuit, Unzueta accused LASD of illegal arrest, strip searching, illegal confiscation of property as well as an illegal search of his devices.

The city of Long Beach’s new Housing Element will be marketed to Long Beach State students, specifically with 13,000 apartment units designated as affordable housing. However, the Element has yet to announce a specific plan to support students. Currently, Long Beach State provides limited on- and off-campus housing options, but only enough to accommodate 1,372 of its almost 40,000 students.

PT at the Beach provides Long Beach State students and faculty, as well as Long Beach community members, with accessible physical therapy treatment. For $50 per session, patients can get evaluated and receive treatment within one house. The clinic is located in the Life Fit Center in the Kinesiology Building on campus.

The family of Los Angeles Police Department officer Houston Tipping is claiming that he was targeted and killed after filing a report that accused four other officers of sexually assaulting a woman. Tipping died during a training exercise last spring, and LAPD’s internal investigation ruled his death an accident. However, Tipping’s family is claiming he was beaten and killed, and plans to sue LAPD.

CA Governor Gavin Newsom signed an array of new bills into law last week, all of which will take effect on Jan. 1. The bills seek to protect reproductive rights, close the gender pay gap, combat climate change, address the state’s housing crisis, and more.

Last Thursday, a recently fired police officer in Thailand killed 36 people and injured 10 others before killing himself. The man was set to stand trial the following day for methamphetamine possession, and committed the attack with a knife and gun. According to the New York Times, Thailand’s gun homicide rate is the highest in Asia, though it is still much lower than that of the U.S.

Elon Musk seems set to buy Twitter after all. After a back-and-forth series of legal proceedings between Musk and Twitter’s executive board, Musk announced on Oct. 3 that he will buy the social network after previously going back on the deal.

On Oct. 7, Nobel Peace Prizes were awarded to human rights activists in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus for their work in the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war. The choice of recipients was seen as anti-war statement, and were coincidentally awarded on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s birthday.

In the segment Son of a Beach, Kadie Gurley covers the latest headlines in popular culture.

Hosts: Isabel Silagy & Kadie Gurley

Edited by: Andy Nguyen

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