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Beach Weekly S9E7: Fine Arts students protest again, new slew of CA laws & more

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In Season 9: Episode 7 of Beach Weekly, we are diving into major stories from the Long Beach State campus, and the latest state and national news.

On Sept. 28, Long Beach State Fine Arts students staged their second protest of building conditions and a continued lack of air conditioning. The protest occurred during the university’s Founder’s Day event in an attempt to attract the attention of President Jane Close Conoley, however she did not attend the event.

On Sept. 29, students from the Organization of Historically Oppressed Students and members of the California Faculty Association protested the temporary relocation of the Multi-Cultural Resource Center. The protestors gathered outside of President Conoley’s office, and presented President Conoley and her staff with a list of demands, including for a new multicultural center building.

The Outpost Grill reopened on Sept. 27 after briefly shutting down for water heating issues. The reopening came as a relief to Long Beach State students who continue to have limited on-campus dining options.

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into effect a law that will make it easier for street vendors to obtain health permits. The law was authored by California State Senator Lena Gonzalez of Long Beach, and will reduce or eliminate numerous legal obstacles that street vendors currently face.

After facing pressure from top Democrats in the country, Governor Newsom also signed a bill on Sept. 28 that will allow for farmworkers to unionize more easily. The bill will provide more protections and ways for farm workers to vote in union elections, including through voting by mail and drop-off ballot cards.

On Sept. 29, a new state was passed that will prevent other states from punishing children who seek gender-affirming care in the state. The law specifically aims to stop Texas and other Republican-controlled states from taking children away from parents who allow them to receive gender-affirming care. It will go into effect in California in January 2023.

Temecula has dropped a proposal to ban abortions within its city limits after being threated with legal action by California Attorney General Rob Bonta. And, on Sept. 30, Governor Newsom signed a bill to make April 24 a statewide holiday for Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day.

In national news, Hurricane Ian hit the southeast coast of the U.S. last week, causing major damage to Florida, North and South Carolina. Thousands of people have been displaced, millions are without power, and dozens have been confirmed dead. In international news, Russia defied international law by annexing large portions of Ukrainian territory. In response, the U.S. has announced more economic sanctions against Russia.

In our new segment Son of a Beach, guest host Kadie Gurley runs through the latest in pop culture news.

Host: Isabel Silagy

Guest: Kadie Gurley

Edited by: Andy Nguyen

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