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Beach Defined S1E1: Why Coca-Cola is nowhere to be seen

Beach Defined is a mini docuseries brought to you by Daily Forty-Niner Video that explores CSULB and Long Beach phenomena.

In this first episode, the Daily 49er video team dives into the sudden shift to Pepsi sales on campus after seeing nearly a decade of Coca-Cola beverages being served exclusively.

Long Beach State has been recognized as a “Coke campus” since 2006, and until this year, the university was signed under a “pouring rights contract” with Coca-Cola. The contract with Coca-Cola expired Aug. 31, giving the 49er Shops the opportunity to consider making the switch to Pepsi.

The contract with Coca-Cola was strict; it excluded commission sales from third-party vendors and the 49er Shops were not able to offer a wide enough range of products to adapt to the beverage preferences of students without breaching the contract. Under the terms set by Coca-Cola, CSULB would never have been able to meet the established commission quota.

Pepsi’s proposal to the university was much stronger, providing more money for environmental support and scholarships, in addition to the wider variety of products owned by the company. The main difference between contracts is that Pepsi allowed for third-party vendor sales to be included in CSULB’s commission, a benefit Coca-Cola did not offer.

For now, expect to see more Pepsi products on campus because Cal State Long Beach will remain a “Pepsi campus” until Aug. 31, 2031.

Video by Reyn Ou and Erik Zamora.

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