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Budgeting Personality Quiz

Which budgeting style fits you best?
Creating a personal budget helps you gain a better understanding of your spending habits and can help you save money, pay off debt and plan for your future. But when it comes to budgeting, there’s no one-size-fits all approach.
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Back to School Budgeting Tips from A-Z

Discover a list of resources, discounts and tips to help you save money when heading back to school!

First-day-of-school jitters. Reviewing each class’s syllabus. Meeting teachers who may become life-long mentors. Back-to-school season is officially here! This exciting time can also come with quite a few expenses, so we’ve gathered the ABCs of back-to-school saving to help keep your finances in check.
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ASI Election

Involvement, that’s what Aaron Elimelech, marketing manager of Associated Students, Inc., said he hopes students gain from this year’s ASI student government elections.   “We just want to make sure that they’re involved just like they’re involved in the elections for the United States or for local elections,” Elimelech said.[Read More…]

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