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Daily 49er News: 10-23-13

This week, Daily 49er’s radio show covers the government’s website woes.  Obama apologizes for healthcare.gov not allowing most users to enroll for health insurance.  If your still confused about how to get insurance, we reported on a series of presentations by the CSU Health Education Program that could help answer[Read More…]

Opinions: 10-23-13

Shane Newell, Opinions Editor for Daily 49er, came on the show to speak about the editorial staff’s views on recent new events. Tune in to listen to our discussion on e-cigarettes and skateboarding on campus.  Also, the paper takes the position that LA Unified is wrong to move students in[Read More…]

Daily 49er News: 10-16-13

Aired on Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013, at 8 am. On Kbeach.org & the free Kbeach mobile app For Daily 49er News’ Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013 show; James, Enedina, and Shereen cover big fish, battling djs, and a Kardashian engadgement ring. Listen in for Cal State Long Beach stories on Health and Safety[Read More…]

Daily 49er News: 9-11-13

On this week of Daily 49er’s radio show, Shereen Lisa Dudar previews the upcoming farmers market, reports on the new Long Beach court house, and sums up the protests in Mexico around its state-run oil company, Petroleos Mexicanos. James Delahoussaye dives into CSULB’s new Quidditch team and discusses the growing[Read More…]

Opinions: 9-11-13

Shane Newell, Opinions Editor for Daily 49er, comes on the show to talk about the paper’s views on CSULB assigning additional students to dorm rooms.

Sports: 9-11-13

Jason Clark comes back on the show to tweak his predictions on women’s volleyball and soccer.

Daily 49er News: 9-4-13

On this week’s Daily 49er News, Shereen Lisa Dudar previews Cal State Long Beach’s Week of Welcome and Smorgasport events.  She also tackles entertainment with Miley Cyrus’ controversial twerking at the VMAs. James Delahoussaye discusses the growing problem of dementia sufferers wandering away from their homes.  Obama is asking congress[Read More…]

Discussing Our View: 9-4-13

Shane Newell, Daily 49er’s opinion editor, came on the show to discuss the paper’s thoughts on Cal State Fullerton’s new smoking ban.  Hint: the 49er doesn’t like it.

Sports Preview: 9-4-13

Jason Clark, Daily 49er’s sports editor, came on the show to preview the CSULB women’s soccer and volleyball seasons.


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