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Fans are having trouble “shaking off” recent issues with Ticketmaster

The music industry is filled with many diverse artists, but even though they differ in genres, they share the common goal of staying relevant and successful.

Artists such as Taylor Swift have taken over the industry. Swift has been breaking industry records for over fifteen years. She has moved along throughout different genres during her time as an artist and has had continued success.

Swift has been a relevant artist since she was a young teenager and has had her audience grow with her and stay loyal to her regardless of the changes in her music style.

The music industry is a massive money maker, whether it is their ticket sales, merchandise sales or even food and beverage sales at events. It is a billion dollar industry.

When “The Eras Tour” ticket sales began Nov. 15 for pre-verified fans, many were eager to get their hands on their own tickets. However, Ticketmaster had various crashes and fluctuating prices, which fans criticized for being severely underprepared for the demand of ticket sales for this tour.

According to many fans who were on the presale list, bots and people without the presale codes were able to break into the presale event on Ticketmaster, which is said to have caused the severe glitching and site failures.

Ticketmaster canceled the sale of tickets after just the second day of presale, leaving fans severely disappointed. Ticketmaster since then has extended apologies to Swift and her fans. Swift took it upon herself to express her disappointment in the site as well, sharing that she was “pissed off” at what fans had to go through in order to get tickets to her shows.

Maggie Rodgers, another artist in the industry, decided she would sell tickets to fans in person following the conundrum Swift faced. Her reasoning is explained by her caption on her TikTok video, “f*** bots + f*** fees. buy a ticket in person. Tomorrow only. Link in bio.”

With bots programmed to immediately buy up as many tickets as possible for resale, artists are equally as concerned as fans.

It is unclear how the industry will handle ticket sales in the future, or how it will address the bots programmed to get tickets quickly. With the recent advances in AI, sites have become more concerned with future sales.

However, artists who have a passion for the industry and love their fans have made steps in trying to prevent massive failures in the future, allowing for individuals to purchase tickets and attend shows.


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