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Life’s a Beach at the Peach

Edited Mar. 23 for clarification of quotes.


Peachy pr lb is Long Beach State’s first student-run public relations firm that just launched in January.

Through the direction of CSULB’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and Agency 241 Alicia Casey, Mailea Ang and Gabby Alonso were able to develop the firm.

Alicia Casey was the account manager at the America Marketing Association’s Agency 241 and created the branding for the firm alongside her team Evan Dyches, Juyeon Han, Connor Chavez and Tina Tran.

Co-founders and co-directors Casey and Ang lead the firm with Alonso as the internal communications director.

Coming from different majors and backgrounds, they are using skills learned in the classroom, through PRSSA and Agency 241 to formulate the firm into something to be proud of.

“It’s been a huge undertaking for us,” Ang said. “We really formed it from the ground up alongside Agency 241 last semester but we are really proud of what it’s becoming.”

Since its establishment, branding and an online presence are what peachy pr lb places a focus on.

Choosing the tone, style and logo was a process, especially since the team wanted to create something that showcased their core values.

“We wanted it to be mental health friendly for students to join,” Ang said. “We want them to know that they’re in an encouraging environment and that they have a team that will have their backs.”

Picking “peachy pr lb” to be in their brand name and logo helps market the warmth, youthfulness and freshness that the pr firm aims to exude.

The public relations firm is looking for clients and mentors to help them through this process. They recently gave pitches to professors from different departments and clubs and hope to hear back regarding collaborations or assistance.

Getting their name out and having people know that they are here is a priority, Alonso explained.

The team puts an emphasis supporting students in the moment with their professional careers and through future endeavors, have the opportunity to gain skills, build their resumes and get comfortable in the profession.

“It’s really an inclusive and fun place to work in,” Casey said. “We want people from all skill levels to join because we are trying to leave this for students, present and future, to have something tangible that they can work on and be part of.”

The members encourage students of all majors and backgrounds to take a bite of this opportunity and leave their mark.

“I think it’s important for students to get that hands-on experience…working as a team and making connections on and off campus is really important,” Ang said. The pr firm contains many roles that need to be filled and are outlined on the firm’s Instagram.

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