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Live performances and signings at Fingerprints Music for Record Store Day

Fingerprints Music has established itself among Long Beach locals as a must-visit location for vinyl records and exclusive shows, especially leading into the holiday season.

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Fingerprints recently held Record Store Day on Black Friday to present music lovers with an exceptional opportunity. This included grabbing some of the most exclusive vinyls, to receiving a live show from up-and coming bands and established artists.

An interview with Fingerprints Music owner Rand Foster revealed how a chance opportunity of judging at a Record Store Day panel led to meeting the members of Metallica, and eventually hosting OTTTO in their performance room.

“I did that panel with Robert Trujillo, who is the nicest (person), for somebody at that level,” said Foster.

OTTTO is a thrash metal band based out of Venice, California. The band is made up of vocalist Bryan Noah Ferretti, drummer Patrick “Triko” Chavez and bassist Tye Trujillo. To many, OTTTO may seem like any other band, but metal fans around California praise OTTTO as the understudies of Metallica. This in part due to their standout sound and relation to Metallica through Tye Trujillo, who is the son of legendary bassist Robert Trujillo.

Tye Trujillo is just as skilled as his father, and tours with band Suicidal Tendencies from time to time. He also assisted actor Joseph Quinn with recorded off-camera guitar for Stranger Thing’s infamous “Master of Puppets” scene.

Autographed copies of OTTTO’s newly released album “Locos Live in Venice” are still available online or in person at Fingerprints Music in Long Beach.

Foster, also hailing from the Bay Area, had the opportunity of sharing the stage with Metallica members and recounting memorable experiences from local record stores.

“We were just guys talking about record stores where we grew up shopping in, and then we did the panel. Then, Kirk went offstage and the entire room rushed across to reach out and touch him and I had this moment where I was like ‘Oh shit they’re that kind of rockstars,’” said Foster.

Fingerprints Music often holds live concerts, signings and events within the store to provide an exclusive opportunity for fans to meet some of their favorite artists. Music lovers and listeners in attendance have the chance to purchase a vinyl and support not only Fingerprints Music, but their respective artists.

Concerts at Fingerprints can be a surreal experience for listeners, with the record store having a maximum capacity of 150 people. For any inexperienced concert goers, Fingerprints Music is the ultimate locale regarding an intimate music gathering in Long Beach.

The original Record Store Day stands on April 19. It has seen many shifts in date, especially with COVID-19’s impact on local vendors. Record Store Day was held on June 12, 2021, after postponement from its previously scheduled April 19 date. Organizers of Record Store Day claim that Record Store Day on Black Friday predates Small Business Saturday.

Record Store Day is not recognized as a national holiday, but rather an all-day celebration of the record store. Record stores may choose to participate and in turn receive exclusive releases of special, printed vinyls. Record Store Day exclusives may still be available, varying from shop to shop, based on the supplies left from Black Friday.

Check out Fingerprints Music for their leftover Record Store Day exclusives and their upcoming exclusive in-store signing with Metro Boomin on Monday, Dec. 5.

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