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Transgender community comes together to celebrate pride

Young and old LGBTQ+ community members came together at Recreation Park located on 7th street in Long Beach to celebrate transgender pride on Oct. 2.

The event featured live bands, community organizers, and an abundance of condoms to keep the community safe.

A few of the highlights from the transgender pride event were the Los Angeles Trans Chorus performing an extensive set as well as queer rock bands doing Blondie tributes, along with a variety of LGBTQ+ informational stations.

The first booth featured the Stonewall Democrats of Long Beach. They were handing out pins with humorous sayings on them denouncing Reagan-era policies and political attitudes such as “The moral majority is neither moral nor the majority” and “If you wait for your prince you will end up cleaning up after his horse.”

The three party coordinators spoke about their activism in the Long Beach and greater Los Angeles area. They were all former law students and activists pushing forth awareness of laws that affect the queer community. Coordinators collected contact information for their group chat and email blasts as attendees walked by.

Condoms were available at the event to promote safe sex within the LGBTQ+ community.
Condoms were available at the event to promote safe sex within the LGBTQ+ community. Photo credit: Natalie Salajczyk

The Long Beach Health Department was also on the scene with their mobile health clinic where they were offering free HIV tests to anyone who wanted one. Sign-ups went fast and there was no line. Testing took only 5 minutes and rapid results made the process quick.

Toward the end of the festival, the Trans Choir of Los Angeles performed on the stage, receiving praise from the audience and even a few tears as they sang about struggling with acceptance from those close to them as well as uplifting songs filled with optimism and hope.

Food truck options included vegan ice cream, plant-based tacos, and energy-infused smoothies in all varieties. The atmosphere was friendly and communal as everyone was welcome at Trans Pride Long Beach.

For resources, visit The LGBTQ Center of Long Beach’s Instagram. They are located at 2017 E. 4th St. and offer all sorts of help and resources for the LGBTQ+ community.

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