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Earrings, Candles and Plants: Long Beach small businesses to shop at for the holidays in 2020

With Gov. Gavin Newsom imposing stay-at-home orders for the state, it is no surprise that small businesses have found themselves at risk of shutting down permanently. Some have been able to reduce that risk by transferring from a traditional brick-and-mortar setting to primarily online delivery or pick-up options. Here is a list of local shops you can check out online so that you don’t have to depend solely on Amazon this holiday season.


La Bruja Jewelry

Sasha Colin, owner and creator of La Bruja Jewelry, models a pair of her own butterfly wing earrings. Photo courtesy of Sasha Colin.

Located in Long Beach, La Bruja Jewelry specializes in “statement earrings made to order.” Sasha Colin, store business-owner and creator, uses one-of-a-kind laser cut brass, steel and other metals with nickel-free hooks to create her earrings.


The “White Moon Blossom Earrings” by La Bruja Jewelry. Photo courtesy of Sasha Colin.

Her earrings are also light-weight, even though some of the pairs can span up to 5-inches in length. A pair of her earrings would be perfect for loved ones who love to make a statement. You can purchase from her Etsy shop @labrujavintage and follow her for her earring updates on Instagram @labrujajewelry. 


Gatsby Books 

Independent bookstore Gatsby Books has a storefront in Long Beach at 5535 E Spring Street, Long Beach, CA 90808. Photo courtesy of Gatsby Books.


It’s always nice to purchase a book from an actual bookstore. Ah, remember those days? Well, you can still surprise a loved one this holiday with their favorite book from Gatsby Books, a local landmark to the art scene in Long Beach. Gatsby Books is owned by Sean Moore, who has provided customers with the option to buy online at


Burgundy Collection

Thomas Burgundy packaging his products to send off for shipment. Photo courtesy of Thomas Burgundy.

Burgundy Collection is created by artist Thomas Burgundy located in Los Angeles County, and they offer international shipping too. His merchandise is “built from our stories, struggles and prosperity. 


“[It] is a collection of ideas, inspiration, and affirmations through clothing, music, photography and cinematography,” Burgundy said. 


In the midst of this colder weather, his collection’s hoodies would be the coziest present. You can purchase on and through Instagram @burgundycollection.


Ahliyah Crafts

“Mickey Pumpkin Dad Hat” by Ahliyah Crafts. Photo courtesy of Sandra Ramirez.


Ahliyah Crafts is owned and created by Sandra Ramirez and is located in Los Angeles with both shipping and curbside pick-up options available. Ramirez creates original accessories and more. According to her website, Ramirez started off her shop “creating handmade nostalgic jewelry and accessories based off the different dishes I grew up eating,” like her mini pan dulce concha studded earrings. She sells face masks, hats and beanies, jewelry, keychains, pins, stickers, stationery and other unique items. Her website is and you can also follow her on Instagram @ahliyah_crafts. 


Kombucha Farts Earring Shop 

“Heart-Eyes Pez Earrings” by Kombucha Farts. Photo courtesy of Kevyn Whitman.

Don’t let this earring shop’s humorous name fool you. Kevyn Whitman makes whimsical clay and sculptured “art for your ear holes.” Store creator and owner, Kevyn Whitman, is based in Huntington Beach and opened her shop during quarantine. Her earrings are funky and quirky, varying from mushroom designs, miniature collectibles and other custom designs. You can purchase through her Etsy and follow on Instagram @kombuchafarts. 


Peacock & Company

An assortment of plants for sale by Peacock & Company. Photo courtesy of Peacock & Company.

Wouldn’t giving the gift of a plant be refreshing during this quarantined holiday? Just think of what a plant, like their shop’s Calathea Lancifolia, can do to freshen up a home office. Stephanie Saharopulos is the owner of Peacock and Company, which offers “plants for pick-up” located in Long Beach. The shop specializes in “minimal and botanical pieces for your interiors.” They also sell planters. You can visit their website at and their Instagram @peacockandcompany.


Calwicks Candle Company

CalWicks Candle Company creators and owners Yesenia Rico and Israel Tejeda. Photo courtesy of Yesenia Rico.

Established in 2019, CalWicks is a candle company based in Long Beach, that specializes in creating affordable, high-quality candles using minimal and all-natural ingredients. Business creators and owners, Yesenia Rico and her boyfriend, Israel Tejeda, use vegan, cruelty-free candles and clean burning soy wax for their candles’ foundations.


“Long Beach” candle by Calwicks Candle Company. Photo courtesy of Yesenia Rico.

Each candle is 100% handmade, designed, mixed, hand-poured, tested, labeled and shipped from their Long Beach-based studio. All candles are complete with a cotton-core wick, which means no lead or zinc. You can purchase their candles and visit their website and their Instagram @calwickscandleco.

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