Students sit in a dark room to watch an animated film with a cartoon tanuki on the screen.
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Diversity in art style

“Jinja” and When Life Give You Limones…” are two examples of vastly different art styles, yet they are connected by this week’s student art galleries.

“Jinja” is a six-minute animated student film by senior Master of Fine Arts illustration and animation major, Talin Tanielian. It tells the story of an orphaned red panda named Mango who was taken in by a tribe of tanukis that all grew up to have inner peace because of their spirit guides. However, Mango never got a spirit guide so he ventured into the forest to find his inner peace and had to overcome the challenges the forest put before him.

“I want people to understand its good to go on your own path,” Tanielian said. “It’s a reflection on my character that you don’t have to conform, you can go and do your own thing and find your peace through that.”

Jinjahas an original score, or music, that was created by LBSU alumnus, Liam Priestnall. The score was created in less than a month and used traditional Japanese and Chinese instruments.

“[The word] ‘Jinja’ is a place to go and be spiritual and meditate and be at peace,” Tanielian said.  “My character Mango, the red panda, I thought it was a funny little joke that his name is Jinja because of the red fur – ginger, Jinja so I thought that was cute.”

Another exhibition on display this week is When Life Give You Limones…, a ceramics exhibition that has been 25 years in the making by senior Bachelor of Fine Arts ceramics student, Jorge A. Jimenez Jr.

Pieces in the crowded gallery include roses, skulls, tomatoes, avocados, chiles, plants, pots, mugs and more, all made from clay. There were also paintings on a wooden canvas made with spray paint.

“My work is always about me, it’s the thing I know most, but at the same time I’m always learning something new about myself,” Jimenez Jr. said. “Since I’m graduating, I decided to make a show that takes that and more about life and the things that add on to make life what it is.”

Jimenez Jr.’s exhibition changes daily, which makes it different than most exhibits at the student art galleries. On Sunday, the evening of the opening reception, the ceramic plants, which are the centerpiece of the show, were placed in boxes on a stage called “The Garden.” On Monday, Jimenez Jr. put the plants in pots marking, “The Harvest.” Tuesday the fruit was removed from the plants,  to reflect ‘The Kitchen’ stage. Wednesday will be in “The Dining Room” and on Thursday, the final day, rotten fruit will mark, “The Waste.”

“It’s a gimmick I didn’t expect, but I guess it’s keeping people interested which I’m excited about,” Jimenez Jr. said.

The exhibition also includes pieces made by some of his friends that have been given to him over the years to show that his friends are just as much an important part of his life as his family is.

“Fast Glass,” “Meteor Crater,” “When Life Gives You Limones…,” “Jinja” and “Untitled” will run from April 14 to April 18. All are located between the Fine Arts 2 and Fine Arts 3 buildings except for “Fast Glass,” which is located in The Fiber Hut building and will run until it is demolished.

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