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Full-moon hike “Luna”-cy

Much like waves crashing against the rocky shores flanking northern California and the ever-consistent weather patterns of phenomena like El Niño, the seemingly ubiquitous presence of the moon is a constant inspiration of thought.

Small business owner Becca Gordon is one of the many inspired by our spiraling moon and its lunar calendar. This spiritual understanding of the moon and its properties inspired Gordon to invite nine friends out on a full moon hike for the first full moon of 2016.

Since creating the “Full Moon Hike for Women” Facebook page, over 1,500 members replaced the intended handful of nine friends. On its private page, the women-only event is packed with comments written by women across Southern California expressing their excitement for the hike. In six weeks, Gordon’s plan for a hike and full moon ritual transformed into something entirely new.

“I didn’t expect it to happen this way. I think it resonates with people, it’s the start of a new year, people are available to attend because the full moon is on a Saturday,” Gordon said.

Gordon welcomed the sudden interest in her hike. For years, Gordon’s spirituality and holistic growth inspired her to find new avenues to connect with other women.

Gordon found the bridge she needed in this January’s full moon.

Gordon learned through her research that ancient women found the correlation between lunar phases and their ovulation, and spent time with one another engaging in short rituals to celebrate the moon.

Though the hike is advertised as a women-only event, Gordon said that transgender, non-conforming and non-binary folks are welcomed.

The hike itself is only a mile long and is doable for any able-bodied person, Gordon said. The end of the hike will be met with a short, secular ritual meant to release negative energy from the old year and enter the new year with a fresh slate.

“It is a cleansing ritual surrounding things you want to let go of in your life. If that works for people, that’s awesome,” Gordon said. “I’m very excited for women to be with women, and to be accepted just like that.”

The full moon hike will take place on Saturday, Jan. 23 at 7 p.m.. near Griffith Park in Los Angeles. For more information, visit the “Full Moon Hike for Women” Facebook page.


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